Fitzsimon and Brogan are Neil Fitzsimon, songwriter and guitars, and Bee Brogan, vocals and keyboards.


Amongst their supporters are Paul Morley, music journalist, and revered music critic Charlie Gillett who commented that their track ‘Blue Velvet’ was one of the best songs that he’d heard in the last 20 years.


Their albums have been produced by Pat Collier, who has worked with ‘The Wonder Stuff’, ‘Voice of the Beehive’, and ‘The House of Love’ among many others. They have also worked with members of ‘Art of Noise’ and recorded at Abbey Road studios.

They are currently working with Woody Woodmansey, David Bowie’s drummer from his legendary band ‘The Spiders from Mars’, as well as Pete Thomas, Elvis Costello’s drummer. 


They also wrote a musical, ‘Jack Dagger’, which was showcased at the Greenwich Theatre for the Musical Futures Award. It was also showcased at The Bridewell Theatre and the Royal College of Music, London.

Their new album ‘This Wicked Pantomime’ will be released through Monstre Sonore later this year.


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